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    Sy the Riolu

    Sy looked down shyly, unsure of how to start. He wasn't exactly used to talking to someone.

    “I...I'm Symon but...I like Sy better.....if that's okay.”

    Sy rubbed his left arm awkwardly. His full name was Symon, but his brother always called him Sy. Sy looked back at the Cyndaquil with concern.

    “Urm....are you okay?” he asked. “You look alittle banged up.”

    Sy glanced at the other side of the Dojo and could see the Lucario from before, battling against a Rhyperior. He shuddered slightly. He wondered if there were anything like that in the tomb they were heading for tomorrow.

    Man I really don't want to have to go in there alone, Maybe I should tag along with that Lucario guy if he'll let me.
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