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I tried it and was thoroughly unimpressed, I've seen several games such as this and thats how I compared it - as well as to the cannon game itself - such as the rival not pushing you back, that really upset me, and the fact you are holding the egg (I wanted to see if I could hatch it, but gave up) and the fact you get a kanto starter when it should be the johto ones - not to mention you dont look like kris or ethan (crystal or gold) it really makes it feel out of place
and I was upset I saw oak in the intro, but he was thomas in the game, that was weird and bothered me - I stopped playing around the time I told the police about the kid, but it also upset me that he was gary and not kamon (silver)
I also found it weird that elm was in 4th gen graphics while everything else was in 3rd gen
I just felt that overrall there was nothing that really set this game apart from the thousands of others

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