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    Graveyard > Infirmary

    Chapter I, Part IV
    "The Unsettling Transition"


    Solo's MP3 Player
    Magic Trinkets
    School Equipment
    Books & Tomes

    Sagishi looked at the man as if he was crazy, asking questions about him but practically moving on immediately after asking, not waiting for an answer. He contently grinned for a moment in private, though; he was able to loot the charred corpse of a few things, including a fang necklace, a magical stick, and that intriguing magic bag of his. The last item, though, he took for the sake of further inspection. In fact, he wore it over his shoulder as if it was his since before he even arrived, and he assumed no one had noticed. Man, sometimes ignorance pays off! He grinned, and as he noticed the man and woman walking off toward the school with Solo's corpse, he stood up and quickly followed after. He looked to the skull with annoyance and bent down slightly to get closer to it, whispering "You're not in any position to tell me what to do, so I suggest you zip it. I could always detach you and let you burn in--" He chuckled a bit, "yeah, that's what I thought."

    He followed them into the building and to some sort of hospital-roomy-place. Sagishi took the opportunity to respond to the questions and introduce himself. He tapped on the man's shoulder, speaking up once the man gave him attention. "My name is Sagishi Hokori but people call me Trix 'cause my name is hard to pronounce, I was born in the U.K. to a Human and a well-renowned female Mage, I came to this dimension on my own for sanctuary. I'm being hunted by a guild o' mages on Earth 'cause my type of magic is considered 'illegal' or somethin'. I figured I might be able to learn some stuff here, 'cause I missed years o' school on Earth, eh wot?"

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