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My dad has some serious anger management issues and makes a big deal out of things that don't need to be made into a big deal. We have completely contrasting personalities, and that makes us get into arguments a lot. Its settled down a lot since I moved out on my own, but I do tend to get into an argument with him every now and then and I see him a little more than I would like to.

My sister's at that age where she's starting puberty, so she's very *****y lately. She's always been rather spoiled because of my dad, and the fact that she currently is the owner of an iPhone at the age of 12 makes me question my father's parenting skills.

My youngest brother is a thug who thinks he's a stereotypical black gangster-like person. It bothers me greatly, but he can be an okay person every now and then. He failed freshman year of high school twice because he decided not to go, even though he can't drop out.

My younger brother is completely addicted to his current girlfriend. He isn't getting a job because his girlfriend doesn't want him to because if he does that means he'd spend less time with her. I don't think he has much of a backbone, and he generally lets her walk all over him. He asks the stupidest questions and is very ignorant.

I'm not sure how I feel about them. I'm pretty content with not seeing or hearing from them, but I would probably cry if one of them were to die.
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