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Mom: She means well in her special way, but her own mental issues and over-controlling personality just about ruined me. She never lets me speak my mind, nor have my own thoughts as she is constantly talking. She becomes jealous when my dad pays more attention to me. She has blamed me for ruining their relationship, and we constantly bicker. I don't like how she calls everyone (expletive) (expletive) worthless when she does the least. Her behavior makes me detest alcohol and swearing.

Dad: He is kind, mellow, patient, and sweet; he was always the parent taking care of me when I was sick. I appreciate the little things he did, like tucking me in bed, combing my hair, laughing when I burnt something in the oven rather than yell, or giving me a hug when I was obviously upset. Yeah, just thinking about losing him brings me to tears! Somehow, he keeps mom in check. I don't know how he handles it all, though.

Twin brother: I like him, but sometimes I feel like I don't know him anymore. We've played video games together (Sonic, Pokemon, Borderlands), but our connection is very weak. We only shared a class in kindergarten. I often enrolled in advanced classes and eventually went to a separate high school and college. Since he's dropped out of his college, he stayed at home and played his PS3 all day. Recently, he's found a job though. He's a butt-head who takes 45 minute showers and annoys me, but I wish him happiness.

Older half brother (same mom, different dad): He's loving, but very hot-tempered if you say the wrong thing. He's also fun to poke at, then! He whines often about his girlfriend and her two daughters, though he has a son with his girlfriend. I'm not around him enough to have that big of an issue with him. He is likely the reason why none of my mom's kids can 100% confidently drive, though.
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