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    Originally Posted by Atomic Reactor View Post
    The main thing bugging me is the entrance to the north, that looks like it goes into a forest of some sort? It just doesn't look natural, it's way too dark. Make it like, a dark green or somehting. Also, how do you get there? Is there a one tile path to it? Because other than the thin path a tile north of the cliff, it doesn't look accessible.

    The rest of it looks fine, NPCs may help it look more alive. I like the depth it has with the cliff tiles and such.

    EDIT: I suppose it could be an exit, and be like, a secret area you get from a different entrance? That's probably what it is. If so, very intriguing.
    :L I actually just realized I forgot stairs. And I dont like the idea of forests, but I wanted 3 different Entries, so yea. As for the Shadow for the foresxt, It needs a TON of tweaking. But, once again, probably not happening. I think I need to sit down and actually sprite some decoration and stuff for routes. I am literally using grass, Mountain, Tree, Tall grass and flowers.
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