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    Milly Kaiko

    Milly shuffled silently along, following the slow gentle pass which the blonde guy, Lerion, set as he trailed Chris along. Her mind partly listened in to their conversation, while the other pondered over the fight. Too much had happened in this school in too little time for comfort and despite the promise of answers from Ryuu an uneasy sense of restlessness stirred.

    Not only that but for the second time running Milly had found herself on the side-lines looking in on the action. She didn’t dare think about what her brothers would have said if they found out. Not that they condoned fighting just for fun. These circumstances were different and worth ‘beast form’ing it.
    Pulling out of her thoughts, Milly grinned at the two boys, though on sight of Chris her brow creased with worry. She wasn’t sure if it was her being paranoid or not but Chris was defiantly looking paler than usual and his focus seemed so fixed on walking that he didn’t seem to notice her or Lerion anymore.

    “I’m Milly, or Kaiko.” Milly chimed in, jumping to meet the introductions with an over eagerness which matched a puppy. "Take your pick." She wanted anything but to focus on how dire her friend’s state was, as though she couldn’t help but worry, a small spark of anger would rear it’s ugly head. How could they have let themselves get into such a state? Even with Chris’ report on Volt’s well being, Milly couldn’t shake the worry over him either and that bugged her even more.

    Slowly pushing on, Milly licked her lips nervously, wanting to move faster but knowing that the pase was set for Chris’ injuries and so in trying to distract herself she pressed for conversation, though she chose not to press into Lerion’s past and question his odd answer surrounding his name. Somehow questioning something like seemed wrong to the very core, just like asking about the boy’s curious scent which reminded her so much of home it hurt.

    “Thanks for this Lerion. Sorry you had to meet us this way though,” Milly began, giving a gentle smile. They weren’t far from the infirmary now, the red bricked building slowly appearing around the next corner. “But beat we made one hell of a first impression.” Milly grinned, then nodded to the building. “Never been so glad to see that place.”

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