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Originally Posted by Thergox View Post
I really wish I had something unique to say about your custom Pokeballs, but everyone else has already said what I would :) These are really amazing, not only because you don't often see such a thing but because you do it so well and actually put some heart into it.

I would like to request a pokeball:

Pokemon: Spiritomb
Notes: None needed

Please and thank you!
Aw, shucks. I'm flattered. I really do appreciate each and every one of your critiques, guys! It helps me to improve my work a lot more, and it inspires me to continue what I'm doing. Anyway, here's your request!

I made two in case you didn't like the first one. Hope you like it! You can always ask for a redo, of course. Thanks for requesting, and telling your friends about my sprite shop would definitely help me out a lot!


Fusions are now available! Please check the main post for more information!

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