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    Christian Davidson

    Chris' vision was getting more blurred, but he did notice that they were getting closer to the main building. He tried to shake his head clear, but it was of little use. He barely had the energy to walk, much less shake his head. His hands were beginning to get a little shaky and he also saw that he was losing color fairly quickly. The loss of blood was taking its toll and didn't know how much time or strength he had left.

    He concentrated on what they were doing, but he couldn't help but listen to Milly and Lerion's conversation. He could hear them, but it sounded like they would be further away than they were. He strained to hear the voices, but he didn't hear too much except his breathing, which was now becoming more raspy and weak, too. However, something Lerion said broke through to Chris' brain. "Well you two seem like you spend time together so that might separate us too," Lerion said, though he couldn't tell if he was kidding or serious.

    "Milly," Chris finally mustered the strength to talk, "hasn't fully made up her mind yet, I think...She might could be better off with someone stronger. I made my intentions clear, I hoped...Ultimately, Milly will make her choice...for better or worse...but I still like her a lot..." As he finished, tears started to form, but none rolled off as darkness started to fill his vision. His body felt like lead as he slumped down on Lerion's shoulder, allowing the gentle embrace of unconsciousness to take him. They would notice that his claws, tail, and ears would fade away as he passed out.

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