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Platinum Water Monotype

Last time I wrote:
1/8 badges
Piplup lvl 13
Bidoof lvl 14
Psyduck lvl 11
Magikarp lvl 6

I have been playing, but not updating, so I'll just do it all here and now.
Basically after I got that badge, I caught a Buizel and named him tails. Took him to beat team Galactic in the flower town. (sorry, can't remember the names of most cities). After that I caught a Shellos. Trained my Shellos, Bibarel (Bidoof evolved) and Prinplup (Piplup evolved too), Psyduck and Tails (Buizel) in Eterna Forest (?) while I still had the chansey girl with me. Leveled them to 20, except for Magikarp who just leveled once god knows why.

After that I tried to beat the grass Gym Leader and got my butt kicked big time. I trained and trained and trained and trained and trained... My team was like this:

Bibarel l21
Prinplup l22
Shellos l23 (lucky he had Ice Hidden power, otherwise I'd probably have to grind to insane levels)
Tails l24 (was planning on evolving him before trying to challenge Gardenia again)
Psyduck l21
Magikarp l7

I was lucky when I won. Basically my Bibarel got a critical hit rollout on Turtwig which gave me a good start, but Cherrim took him out. Shellos was my life saver here. His Ice hidden power killed Cherrim and hurt Roserade, but Roserade killed him... I managed to weaken Roserade with Prinplup and Tails (Psyduck was a major fail), then all I had left was Magikarp, which I used to use a Max Revive I got from the underground (was looking for a Water Stone for Eevee) on Shellos. When I switched to Shellos he hit him with Hidden Power, barely survived Roserade's Magical Leaf and hit her again with Hidden Power. She died. I sighed with relief.

Definitely one of the hardest Gym battles I've faced.


Bibarel l21
Prinplup l22
Shellos l23
Tails l24 (Buizel)
Psyduck l21
Magikarp l7
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