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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
Ozzy mad. Ozzy smash.

I don't like Cute Charm for Sylveon at all haha - it's a waste of a perfectly good Pokémon to give it such a blasé ability like that. Sure it could be useful once in a blue moon, but I was really hoping for something a bit more threatening to lead the Fairy-type revolution. Shiny Sylveon is a great reveal though; the blue is so pretty on him and the eyes look utterly fabulous against the new colour scheme.
Yeah it was a disappointment this thing was given an ability that sucks in competitive, so definitely won't be seeing this thing in higher tiers after all. But at least the shiny looks awesome, given blue is my fave color. At least I'm hoping some other unrevealed Fairy-types get better abilities though.
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