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Elise smiled kindly, the teacher didn't answer her question about Frio. "I think I'll wait just a little longer." She said softly, "I don't have any injuries, and I don't want to leave if he is coming back..." She knew Frio would come back to tell her what happened, and the only reason he wasn't there was because he went for help. Elise waited patiently, alone in the graveyard, and she tried to remember what happened. The problem was, she couldn't remember anything, which felt normal to her because she was not awake the entire time. The entire time she was trying to keep her mind off of the thought of youkai, she kept her mind busy with many useless thoughts.

After half an hour passed, Elise felt worried. And after an hour, she felt lonely. It didn't take long after that until she felt disheartened. She stood up sadly and began walking to the school building.

As she walked she noticed that a familiar student was laying on the ground. She kneeled down next to him and recognized his face. She wondered how he got his arm back, though decided that it was best not to ask him. She lifted him up by putting his arm over her shoulder and dragging his legs across the ground. It wasn't very easy for her, but he was about the same weight as Frio, and she wasn't fully lifting him off the ground. She got him all the way to the nurse's office, where she turned over the boy to the nurse. "I found him outside asleep." Elise explained.

"Don't you usually come in here with Frio?" The nurse asked., though she could see Elise was saddened by the mention of his name, so she quickly said, "Though I'm sure he is safe in his room." with a smile.

Elise smiled faintly, "I hope so." She answered. "Do you mind if I stay here until everyone wakes up? I want to make sure everyone is fine." Elise mostly wanted to ask what had happened.
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