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    Alright guys, it is update time!

    New download link has been added to the main post, along with another one. This one, the save file, does not need to be downloaded. I have put it there just in case your save file does not work. BUT the should.

    **Added Town History to the main post. Just explains Pokemon that were in the town before they left(helps of story purposes)**

    New things:
    I have added all the town Pokemon into the town up until, but not including, arriving back from the forest (the first time)
    A few map changes:
    - Kids's 'hideout' and tunnels that connect to it

    Added two new maps:
    - Resort town
    - Area before Resort town (never seen before ooooh!)

    As I said above, you shouldn't need to use the save file download, but I do warn! If you last saved in any of the kid's hideout tunnels, you might find yourself stuck. So I suggest you move out of there before hand. (safest place would be in the town square)
    If you do need to use it, just walk into the Swampert house to continue along to the next event. Also, sorry to say that I didn't get the Charizard half of the event finished.

    For the next update, I will be working on fixing the rest of the town Pokemon and adding the other 'side quests', as well as adding the next event.

    I look forward to your comments!