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    Originally Posted by XmarkXalanX View Post
    I'm back, and ready for more criticism.

    Route X5 from Neo Destiny. Still not sure how I'm feeling about the general layout of this Route. The southern exit leads to Route X3, the northern gate-exit leads to a forest, the eastern exit leads to a city.

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    I like where you're going with this, but it needs some work - it just looks sort of box-like (even the lake does, but its not so bad, as it is a lake, you can fix probably both problems by making it more rounded)

    on the path towards the lake, you have those random trees all lined up, they sort of dont match the rest of the map(in any of their places) however, there they are being poorly used, anyone seeing it knows why they are there, and it's only for that sole purpose, instead it would look better if you had the trees in a zig-zag line like so:


    you may want to reduce the amount of cluttered flowers - other than that is a pretty cool map

    Originally Posted by SinfulGuroRose View Post
    Could I get some critique on the home town? Hit me as hard as you can. (Also, is the grass too bright, or is that just me?)
    And while I'm here, may I ask if anyone knows a way to make the view so you can't see off the edge of the map when you approach it? It takes 8 tiles on each side to keep the edges away from the camera, but that takes up a lot of space. ; v;
    It seems pretty empty - while there isnt a lot going on in a starting town, it looks lifeless and boring
    the pond makes no sense to be there so small and oddly placed - maybe if it was in the corner, and extended to the ends of the map curving from the left down to the bottom, it would look cool, and you could block off some stuff with rocks

    there is a huge pile of light grass path with nothing there, its almost done for no reason and looks weird like that, not to mention there is a tiny patch under the professors lab - move the lab up a few tiles, and connect the paths together (I assume thats why you didnt) and it should look fine

    finally, just add some decorations, maybe a fence too and make it look lively

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