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Let's Play/Guide/Review of the Week

Hey guys, welcome to the LP/Guide/Review of the Week thread! Check back in this thread every week for a new featured thread from this section; it could be yours! Along with that, the featured thread of the week will be advertised in the notice box as well as in this thread, along with a description of the thread and why it was chosen! If your thread needs some publicity, then this is perfect for you! Just go create an LP, guide, or review, and if we think it's worthy, it'll be featured for a week! :]

Miss Doronjo and I will be judging the threads!


Follow the PokeCommunity Rules. They can be found here.

Follow the Video Gaming Rules. They can be found here.

Make sure your LP/Guide/Review is appropriate. If not, a warning is necessary in the title of the thread in the form of [T] for Teen and [M] for mature. If you need more specific guidelines, the one specifically for LPs is here.

Previously Featured Threads

Week 1

Current Featured LP/Guide/Review of the Week!

[Let's Play] bobandbill - Pokemon 'Diamond' - Keitai Denjuu Telefang (2.0)
Reasoning can be found in this post.
Thread Author: bobandbill.

Approved by Miss Doronjo.

LP/Guide/Review of the Week! - create one now and it could be featured!
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