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Well, in that case, I guess i'll post my first update for Ruby. The only additional rule is that the battle style is on Set at all times. I'm playing this on an emulator with super speed access, so it'll be over pretty quickly.

-Started the game. Chose the girl and named her Shilana. Random name ftw.
-Picked Mudkip and named it Finley.
-Beat Brendan on Route 103, was a bit close because I missed with Tackle and he used Leer.
-Got Poké Balls, helped Wally catch a Pokémon and went through Petalburg Woods, getting the Team Magma grunt out of there.
-Arrived in Rustboro City.
-Went to Route 116, where I caught a Nincada named Looker. I switch trained it against a few of the trainers.
-Got HM01 for Cut from the Cutter.
-Entered the Rustboro Gym, allowing Looker to gain some EXP along the way. Then we took on the Gym Leader, Roxanne!

Rustboro Gym overview:
Team entering the fight: Finley LV14 - Tackle, Water Gun, Mud-Slap, Growl
Looker LV7 - Scratch, Harden, Mud Sport

She starts off with Geodude while I open with Looker. I switch in Finley as she uses Defense Curl. I kill her in one hit with Water Gun.
Next up she sends in Nosepass. I switch out for Looker as she uses Harden. Her: Full health and +1 Defense. I switch back out into Finley as she uses Rock Throw. Me: 28/39 HP. She uses Harden while I use Water Gun, which does less than half. Her: 2/3 or so HP, Me: 28/39 HP. She uses Rock Throw again, while I use Mud-Slap to lower her accuracy. Her: 1/2 or so HP and -1 Accuracy, Me: 16/39 HP. I use a Potion as she uses Harden again. Her: 1/2 or so HP, +2 Defense and -1 Accuracy, Me: 36/39 HP. She uses Rock Throw and gets a critical hit, while I hit her with Mud-Slap again because I don't want her to heal. Her: 40% or so HP, +2 Defense and -1 Accuracy, Me: 13/39 HP. She uses her Potion as I use Water Gun. Her: 40% or so HP. She uses ANOTHER Potion and I use Water Gun again. Her: 1/2 or so HP. She misses with Rock Throw and I kill her with Water Gun, ending the battle. Looker grows to Level 8 and Finley grows to Level 15 after that.
That Nosepass was a bit problematic, but at least the accuracy drops helped. Not much else to it.

-Watched Team Magma rob the Devon Corporation.
-Finley grew to Level 16 and evolved into Marshtomp.
-Confronted Team Magma in Rusturf Tunnel.
-Got the Letter and the Pokénav from the Devon Corporation's president.
-Got the Quick Claw from the teacher in the Trainer's School.
-Took Mr. Briney's boat to Dewford Town.
-Caught a Geodude in Granite Cave named Jigs.
-Went back through Petalburg Woods and to Rustboro City to get the Exp. Share from the Devon Corporation's president.
-Trained Jigs to Level 14 on Route 116.
-Beat all the trainers in the Dewford Gym and trained Looker up to Level 15.
-Challenged the Gym Leader, Brawly!

Dewford Gym overview:
Team entering the fight: Finley LV18 / Oran Berry - Tackle, Mud Shot, Mud-Slap, Water Gun
Looker LV15 / Oran Berry - Leech Life, Fury Swipes, Sand-Attack, Scratch
Jigs LV14 - Tackle, Rock Throw, Mud Sport, Defense Curl

He starts off with Machop while I open with Finley. I use Mud Shot, which does less than half while his Karate Chop does 1/4. Him: 55% or so HP and -1 Accuracy, Me: 42/55 HP. I use Mud-Slap as to lower his accuracy and not get him to where he'll heal, but he uses Karate Chop and gets a critical hit, though my Oran Berry activates. Him: 40% or so HP, -1 Speed and Accuracy, Me: 25/55 HP. I use Mud Shot and kill him.
Next up is Makuhita. I use Mud Shot, which does half, while he uses Arm Thrust and hits twice. Him: 1/2 HP, Me: 15/55 HP. I use Mud Shot, which kills him and ends the battle.
That was a little shaky, especially with the critical hit from Machop, but thankfully since Mud Shot was able to do enough to 2HKO Makuhita, it all worked out.

So here's my team:

Marshtomp (M) "Finley", Level 18
Nature: Serious
Moves: Mud-Slap, Mud Shot, Tackle, Water Gun

Nincada (M) "Looker", Level 15
Nature: Hardy
Moves: Fury Swipes, Leech Life, Sand-Attack, Scratch

Geodude (F) "Jigs", Level 14
Nature: Hasty
Ability: Sturdy
Moves: Defense Curl, Mud Sport, Rock Throw, Tackle

Zigzagoon (M) "Derp", Level 3
HM slave, with Cut
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