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    (OOC: I hope you don't mind the sudden transition to second person)

    There's a few moments before you notice that you're still sitting on the battlefield where others already were.

    You pack up your things. Your bow and arrows fall into place into your bag; your bow definitely sustained some cracks; that won't do. Your arm has some blood on it; some trickles down your arm at the moment by a wound (located on your upper arm) which seems like it'll need to be stitched up; however, you don't think it's that bad. Your left arm also has some cuts as well; however, most of these are what you believe to be minor injuries. Probably, in the heat of battle, you had sustained hits but hadn't even noticed. You stand up, wondering where Chris had gone; and how Milly was. Both thoughts made you worried, and you ran towards the main building. You see them on the way there, and stop. “There you are...”

    Your voice falters as you see all the damage he had taken, plus the fact that he was unconscious. Seeing Milly there, you skip the greetings. You also see another guy who you recognized as the guy who made Divine go mad, but that’s none of your concern at the moment. “Don’t waste your energy like that,” you say quietly. “Wait here.” You run towards the nurse’s office.

    “I need a stretcher.” You nod at the nurse.

    “No, you need to get those wounds stitched n-”

    “No, I need a stretcher. There’s someone who needs to be treated much quicker- and more urgently- than I do.” You grab a stretcher. It’s heavy, but you heave it the best you can anyways. “D-damn.” Arriving at where you left Chris, you put the stretcher on the ground. You motion for them to lay Chris on it. “I’ll help...” You don’t remember his name, so you skip it. “...This guy. We’ll heave the stretcher towards the nurses office. Milly, considering that...” You bit your tongue and closed your eyes to keep back from saying “you care for him the most at the moment,” your eyebrows furrowed, you quickly resume a normal expression as if this thought never crossed your mind, simply saying, “considering that you won’t be carrying the stretcher, you should make sure Chris is okay. Also, if there’s any doors we need opened, do us the favor and open them for us, okay?” You lift the front of the stretcher. It’s even heavier now- causing you to wince- but you decide that life demands sacrifices. C’mon Chris, you’re going to be okay. But I wish that people were lighter when they were unconscious...
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