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Originally Posted by Omicron View Post
Username: Omicron
Favorite Character: Marceline (Next in line is Simon Petrikov)
Favorite Adventure Time episode? It definitely is What Was Missing, great songs, good laughs and a good dose of controversy, lol.
What time is it?: Adventure Time!
Welcome to the club Omicron!!

Originally Posted by Castwand2 View Post
Username: Castwand2
Favorite Character: Gunther
What's your theory on why Finn's the only human in Ooo? : Finn isn't the only human in Ooo. There's still Moe and maybe Susan Strong
What time is it? : ADVENTURE TIME

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Finn isn't the only human in Ooo. There's still Moe and maybe Susan Strong
Moe only said "his skin is human". While that may seem like he's also human, it's indicating (or at least to me , sure others too) that he has only has human skin and the rest of his body isn't human. Most people say he's an android meaning his body parts of robotics/machines. He's over 1000 years old so I'm thinking he's still living through machines cause I think at this point his real organ would of stopped working by now. So he functions by machines.

Susan Strong , like you said is just a maybe. While Finn's reaction when feeling her face may indicate she is, it also could indicate he's surprised she wasn't. They never really telling you what or why he reacted like that.

I love how the writer keep leaving us wondering whether Finn is actually the last human or not. They add in character such as Moe and Susan Strong that throw us off and make us keep wondering.
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