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Originally Posted by umbryan View Post
I started out the game with an Oshawatt and I'm trying to figure out what Pokemon I should get next! My friend suggested Riolu as a good addition, what do you all think?
Yes, Riolu is a good addition to the team, but it's hard to find. Sewaddle, Lillipup and Mareep are good early-game additions as well.

Originally Posted by RandomMudkip View Post
I would like to know a strategy to defeat that Hacorous in the 7th gym. Please help me I want to complete it before October.
If you have a Water Pokemon on the team, teach that Pokemon Blizzard (you can buy the Blizzard TM at Lacunosa Town). For physically oriented Pokemon, you can teach it Ice Punch, if possible, for 10 Red Shards at Driftveil City.