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    Basics might be using the technology around his home. Things like the television, microwave, washer and dryer for clothes, or even an oven/stove will be strange to Red. Depending on how he got his supplies while traveling, he might be uncomfortable doing any sort of shopping or eating out at restaurants. And while he is walking the streets of Pallet, he could be really uncomfortable being surrounded by people and having no easy way to get away from them. You could have him find the bed difficult to sleep in, and he could bring out his sleeping bag and just lay it on the floor, sleeping in that. Whenever someone talks to him, he doesn't know how to answer because he's been on his own with only his Pokemon.

    There's more, but I don't know how much detail you want to go into, since I don't know how you planned Red's journey and how he handled that. Just think of anything that you'd miss while being away from home and civilization (indoor plumbing, electricity), and translate that to Red's confusion.
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