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I have been playing a lot lately and failing a lot too.

I started training my Happiny and doing everything I could to make it friendly toward me, thinking that friendliness was what made it evolve into Chansey. I trained and trained and then finally realized I needed an item for it to evolve. I got it in my head that you used a Lucky Egg to make it evolve because, you know, Chansey's have eggs. Fail. It still wouldn't evolve with the Lucky Egg so I finally decided to look it up and to my dismay, it needed an Oval Stone to evolve. Did I have one? No. And getting one in Black 2 would be very difficult because you can only get them in dust clouds. Fail. So I decided to come back to that later.

The next pokemon that was in my PC box was a Shelmet so I started training it. And training it and training. I was wondering yet again why it wasn't evolving. Then I remembered you had to trade it with a Karrablast to get it to evolve and I couldn't find my other DS. Fail. So I decided again to come back later.

I put those two aside and decided to train an Oshawott and Pawniard. I also did some breeding and got myself a Wynaut which I need for my National Dex.

After this, I finally redeemed myself of the other two fails. I checked my Black and saw that I had an Oval Stone. Next, I caught a Karrablast and had it hold the Oval Stone. Having found my other DS, I used the Karrablast to trade with myself. I traded my Shelmet to Black and the Karrablast to Black 2. They both evolved (hallelujah!). I put the Oval Stone in my bag. I decided to keep my new Accelgor in my Black 2, so instead of trading it back to Black, I traded over an extra Riolu. In return for it, I got back my newly evolved Escavalier. Next I gave the Oval Stone to my Happiny and it evolved right away. It evolved into Blissey soon after.

And so my fails were completed.

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