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What I can do: I can change wild Pokemon appearance data, starter Pokemon(I'll be a back-up Mapper if need be), and I love being creative. I'll make the story, the plot, the character's personalities, the plot twists... I'm bleeding with ideas already. I can make sprites, but I dunno how to put them in a game.
Position applying For: Storyline Ideas (And other help you may want from an overly creative mind.)
Proof of Work(If any): N/A (For my position.)
Time Zone: Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Contact Info: [email protected] (I barely check my Email, so say something on here when you've sent me one, please.)
Extra Info:
I like drawing, so I'll make concept art for Fakemon. I can't draw humans. You can pretty much call on me for anything that doesn't have to do with actually programming the ROM.

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