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I totally forgot to tell you guys that I'm not going to be able to do your requests on Sundays! I'll update the main post, but for the mean time, here are your requests!

Originally Posted by pokemoner2500 View Post
Request Form for Fusions
First Pokémon: Shaymin Sky
Second Pokémon: Meloetta (Psychic)
Color Palette: Shaymin
Notes: I have special sprites for you because I wanna use this in my game.
I'm so sorry for the delay but I'm still working on them. I'm not used to editing big sprites, see, but I'll try my best! It'll probably be done later this day. Thanks for your patience!

Originally Posted by Mintyy View Post
Request Form for Custom PokéBalls
Pokémon: Vaporeon or Togetic
Notes: I'm not picky :D Just have fun making it ^^ Take your time :D

I made both Vaporeon and Togetic because PokéBalls are pretty easy. And yup, I did have fun making these, especially Vaporeon's! Hope you like it!

Originally Posted by Foxrally View Post
Okay, so I just had this amazing new idea for a signature which you'll probably hate but whatever.

Request for Custom Pokéball:

  • Zoroark
  • Lampent
  • Snover
  • Vulpix
  • Buizel
Notes: Like before, none. Take your time, and no need for a PM or VM. :D

If you look uncarefully, you might notice those are the Pokemon in my signature down there (with the exception of Torterra, which already has his own Pokéball.

I had a pretty hard time with Snover, but I hope you like it! Good luck with your signature!

Originally Posted by chuckleslucifer View Post


Request Form for Fusions
First Pokémon: Lugia
Second Pokémon: Kyurem
Color Palette: Can I have it as Lugia's colour palette
Notes: Take as long as you need, also you can send me a PM once its done :D

This was a pretty hard fusion, but I did my best. Hope you like it!

Originally Posted by Rizon View Post
Wow, great job! Thank you. :3 And lol Dora. xD
No problem! I'll hopefully see you soon!

Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
Oh blimey, these works are impressive. I'd love some made if you've got the time! I've got four requests for now but don't feel like you have to rush haha. The first three will be used in a signature and the last one is mostly for fun.

Custom Pokéballs
Pokémon: Pachirisu
Notes: Cute and tail-y, please!

Pokémon: Roserade
Notes: Distinguishable from Roselia please!

Pokémon: Pidgey
Notes: -----

Pokémon: Sandshrew
Notes: If possible the beautiful eyes should be a focus.

A VM or PM would be useful - thanks :)

I made two Roserade PokéBalls so you can choose. Hope you like them, and good luck with your signature as well!


As always, guys, you can ask for a redo anytime. I'm also learning how to do revamps, devamps, line-less, and custom Eggs and I might make them available soon! Thanks for requesting, and stay awesome!

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