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    First i am quite frankly ashamed nobody else has done psychic yet (but hey that means i'm still the champ )

    imma give this another shot Ultimate Style

    Username: Pokemonfreek24
    Type: after much debate i have decided on bug
    Challenge: Ultimate
    Game(s): Yelllow,Crystal,Emerald,Platinum,Black 2

    Update: on S.S Anne the majority of the game so far has been Confusion Confusion Confusion Confusion
    Brock was fairly easy as in G1 he has no rock moves (the numbskull) so Confusion 2HKO geodude and 3HKO onix butterfree ftw
    Misty was a bit tougher due to lack of bug moves instead i had to use butterfree to put her starmie to sleep and chip away with confusion (yay for G1 sleep mechanics)

    Current Team:
    Fluttershy (Butterfree) LV 23 Confusion/Tackle/Harden/Sleep Powder
    Shrooms (Paras) LV 19 Scratch/Stun Spore
    Trixie (Venonat) LV 21 Confusion/Tackle/Disable/Supersonic

    One all day marathon later
    Yellow Complete!

    Final Team

    Fluttershy (Butterfree) LV 54 Bug/Flying Psychic/Mega Drain/Sleep Powder/Razor Wind
    Shrooms (Parasect) LV 56 Bug/Grass Slash/Spore/Leech Life/Dig
    Dickpinch (yes haydunn inspired) (Pinsir) LV 55 Bug Swords Dance/Submission/Slash/Strength
    Sasuke (Scyther) LV57 Bug/Flying Swords Dance/Slash/Wing Attack/Double Team (true ninja)
    Trixie (Venomoth) LV 54 Bug/Poison Psychic/Solarbeam/Sleep Powder/Toxic

    Surge was fairly easy as he only has raichu in yellow venonat was able to get some nice parafusion and then bring in paras to chip away for game
    Erika was cake since Grass = Weak to bug and Poison = Weak to bug (according to G1 mechanics)
    Koga gave me a bit of trouble mainly because i was thinking WTF when the gym trainers were around the low-mid 30s (where i was) and then all of a sudden he busts out a team of 3 LV 44 Venonats and a LV 50 venomoth thankfully my own venomoth was able to combat it well enough
    Sabrina wasnt too difficult with scyther see abra cant attack so +6 Slash later and her team was down
    Blaine was the one i was concerned with and i had every right to be his arcanine decimated most of my team till i got lucky and he missed a fire blast allowing me to take a good chunk with Pinsir's strength then he stupidly went for take down or something and a second strength finished it
    Giovanni wasnt too difficult thanks to having mega drain/sleep/psychic on butterfree (his team is dugtrio, rhydon, nidoking, nidoqueen, persian)

    The E4 were a bit tougher i did some grinding just to be safe to around the low-mid 50s mark.
    Lorelei wasnt too difficult i had a few grass moves at my disposal and her slowbro spammed amnesia so scyther set up on it and swept the rest
    Bruno was fine Butterfree OHKOd the onixes (takin down Rock types wiht a 4x rock weakness all day son) and scyther took down the rest with SD/wing attack
    Agatha was easy enough her first gengar had nothing to hurt scyther so a clean +6 sweep though wing attack wasnt doing nearly as much as i thought it should be doing
    Lance was a bit tough and almost beat me but i came back with a nice toxic on dnite and double team scyther ninjadodging everything and slashing it to death
    Green was honestly fine his ninetales gave me a bit of trouble but nothing i couldnt handle a sleep powder and about 6 psychics from venomoth later put it down for the count the sandslash was cake for butterfree the exeggutor got owned by parasect and the cloyster was beaten easily by venomoth he evolved into Jolteon for some reason (anyone know how his team is determined in yellow?) which i humiliated by doing the same shiz i did against lance (Toxic + double team) and dodged like 3 Thunders in a row

    So there we go im a bit drained of pokemanz ATM i'll probably start crystal tomorrow (heads up i'm going to be suicidal and use ledian and ariados)

    MVP: Butterfree just barely beats scyther due to it's usefullness especially with sleep powder and psychic (a trick venomoth couldnt do till late 40s)
    LVP: Parasect was a pain in the ass to raise due to very few good moves and it's speed is abysmal it was being outsped by everything and their grandmothers it is the only G1 poke to get the ever so useful spore but again abysmal speed makes it very hard to use effectivley