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    At first I was like, "really?!" Now, I actually think Garbador is kinda cute. The design is actually really nice, especially for trash!

    There is no excuse for some pokemon though, that I hardly consider pokemon.
    - Hitmontop (A bit too literally with the concept.)
    - Unown (No explanation needed)
    - Claydol (Zelda baddy?)
    - Nosepass (A rock with a huge nose?)
    - Chimecho (Do I need to say what it looks like!!! It's just so GROSS!)
    - The legendary Golems. (No eyes or facial features, they just look like PokeStudious characters, rather than acutual pokemon.)
    - Spiritomb - this just looks like a fakemon.
    - Most of gen 4 add-ons. (Tangrowth, Lickilicky, Togekiss, Rhyperior, Probopass, Rotom-Forms, Magnezone, ect.) Way to ruin some classic pokemon families with rotund uniform shaped pokemon with zero sense of taste. This is why gen 4 is the my least favorite.
    - Vanilite Line (I love how people defend this, it's actually a rock with ice on it. No, that's the concept's after thought, it's just a floating icecream cone. They could have done this so many other ways to appear like an icecream cone in essense without literally appearing as one. GF's taste was just so bland on this one. Pun intended.)
    - Ferrothorn - (It's like a ufo with three tentables with spike disks, and it's just odd. The pre-evo is not any better. It just has a terrible color palette, and looks very forced in the steel/grass typing. )
    - Amoonguss - (This thing actually grosses me out for some reason. I hate the eyes and bulging hand balls. It's a shame, since Foongus is so cute. The concept is actually very nice, better than voltorb.)
    Kyurem fusions - WHAT A CONVOLUTED MESS! They look like a terrible fusemon that someone would no taste would make.
    (Don't get me wrong. I love love love gen 5, but there were a few pokemon that stuck out, not in a good way.)
    - Honedge (This is the only bad egg of the new bunch. It's a sword with an eye that holds onto a sheath. I think it is GREAT sheathed, and it's ruined when unsheathed. )

    These are all of the pokemon that I not only dislike, but I think they detract from the game. For instance I don't really prefer Raticate, but it's nice to have variety. These pokemon have concepts that just take away a small amount of enjoyment when I see them since they don't have a pokemon aesthetic. 28 of 649 aint bad though at all.
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