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Natalia Alden – Hideout/Alleyway

Natalia gently bounced the small, round item in her hand, her eyes following it tirelessly. She’d received it in a box almost at the same time as the email from Raymond. Catching it, she moved it out to hold it between her claws, raising it up and looking at it in the light of the lamp standing next to her sofa, which she was sitting in. Her entire living room, if not house, was actually rather nicely decorated. Paintings on the walls, rugs, tables, chairs, lamps, drawers, everything usually in a nice apartment. The only odd thing was the lack of windows, but there was definitely a reason for that.

Eventually, she got up and moved through the living room, her long her swaying softly left and right behind her as she moved into the ‘office’ if you could call it that. It was decorated with a desk with a computer on top of it, one wall replaced with a very large bookcase, and a small drawer off to the side. She placed the small, round item on top of the desk and moved over to her bookcase, reaching up to take a hold of a reddishly brown book, pulling it a little out before letting go. With a whirr and a near silent grinding noise, the middle bit of the bookcase opened up, revealing a duffle bag and quite a lot of gadgets and ‘toys’.

She began going through several of the items, checking them over before chucking them into the duffle bag; A couple of small, flat mirrors on tiny tripods, a few round, flat devices about the size of a tennis ball, several, small pellets, a pair of goggles, a phone (Which was custom-built to fit with her claws, as most devices in the city was, due to the different species) and many other things. After nearly filling the bag, she slung it over her shoulder, smirking as she strapped it in place across her chest. She then picked out the belt with the knife on it and strapped it around her waist before she finally tucked on the book again, shutting the secret compartment.

“Let’s see if we can make this happen. I’m curious to find out whether you’re this so-called ‘mastermind’, Ray’.” She gave a little smirk to herself as she picked up the small device that had been sent to her, gently wriggling it into her ear to sit in place, making sure it wasn’t going to budge once she was on the job. She took a deep breath before turning off the lights and heading out the door.

About half an hour later, Natalia was standing in the alley, standing perfectly still in the shadows of one of the large buildings on either side of her, using her native ability to be able to blend in perfectly with the shadows. She kept glancing up and down along the alley, waiting for Raymond and Tesla to show up. She checked her clock once more and finally decided that it was time. She stepped out of the shadows after having made sure that her ability caused everyone looking at her, not to see a Zoroark with a duffle bag on her back, but rather the figure of Winston, Raymond’s Dusknoir servant.

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