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Started a new game... again... Huff*

Episode 1 | "The Journey Begins"

• Chose Squirtle as my starter.
• Beat Ben*
• Headed north into Viridian City
• Retrieved Parcel belonging to Professor Oak and returned it to him.
• Received PokéDex
• Went back to Viridian City, bought items* and caught three Pokémon
• Nidoran (F)
• Spearow*
• Rattata
• Nidoran* (M)
• Grinded team to level 10
• Battled Ben again won
• Headed north into Viridian Forest
• Caught Pikachu
• Grinded team to level 13
• Beat all Bug Catchers in the forest
• Headed further north.
• Challenged Brock and won.
• Got first badge*

*Ben = Blue or Gary
*5 PokéBalls, 3 Antidotes, 3 Paralyze Heals and 3 Burn Heals
*Spearow added to team.
*Nidoran (M) added to team.
*Boulder Badge