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    Team name: ...
    Team Leader: Myself
    Current Members: None
    Current Game title: Pokemon Rebalanced: Pastel Red
    Current progress made: Story Additions, Pokemon rebalancing( BSTs Done, compiling movesets), Maps being made as pokemon are completed.
    Position(s) needed: A mapper would be cool, I'm not terrible at it but it'd be one less thing for me to do, note you don't need scripting knowledge. Someone to review/proofread Dialogue/Special Events is another big thing.
    Timezone: (GMT -4) EST
    Preferred Method of contact: PM

    Linkage: PR:PR

    Additional info: Not a typical hack, I'm looking to improve Pokemon by hacking away at the core of the game, the Pokemon themselves. BSTs, Movepools, even the moves themselves are being rework and expanded to make every Pokemon viable.

    To showcase the improvements I'm also remaking/expanding Red because RMXP is so easy to use. I'm a terrible writer however, so an editor/sounding board for story would be awesome. A second person reviewing the new movepools would be cool too.
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