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    Originally Posted by Vertigo View Post
    godbless free wifi

    So I finally got the full truth out from her. I don't care about what she does with her boyfriend. Let me get that out of the way. If I seemed like I did, then that would be because this was the same girl who I let get away. Sorry. But that's not my point, really.

    As for the situation with this "thing" that my friend might tell her sister, apparently it's just the very fact that she's in a relationship. Brown problems. Apparently, she's legit afraid that if her mother finds out (and according to her, she was there with her sister when my friend talked to her [and said some really... harsh stuff]). All of that is paranoia on her part, and it's something I've convinced her to not worry about. That being said, I told her to talk with the guy just in case, and she's made steps to do just that. None of that really has anything to do with my problem, though.

    My issue here is the fact that I know about her showering with her boyfriend (assuming they did. Rumors for ya). It's not a "holy ****, she did that" sort of issue. Cause her life isn't my problem. The only reason I said I was disappointed is because before the relationship, she made a huge deal about "no dating" and that she wasn't that kind of girl, yet she caved despite what she said. And I guess my disappointment also comes from the fact that the same girl who I figured to be so... innocent? ended up just being... well, who she is. If I'm honest with myself, I might as well add that I never made my move because I thought she was sure of her ways. Again, tangent, and not what I'm trying to focus on.

    The main issue that I had (had) wasn't the rumor, but the origination of it. It seems to who have stemmed from this friend of hers who I'd always imagined to be her brother. That's it. In the end, I just decided to shut my trap cause, hey, not my problem.

    Yeah, pointless post was pointless. Too much ****ing drama.

    this is also the same girl i cried over on the last day of school. so give me a break if i sound jealous or whatever
    I can tell you are a bit jealous honestly.. and also.. you need to realize that people change. When we are 10, we all think "ewww.. kissing boys, gross!"
    I still don't really see a problem here. I understand you want to be a hero in this situation because this is the girl you fell for (and you're probably denying you still have feelings for even now) and so yeah you care... but this is between her, her family, and her other guy friend. All you can do in this situation is be someone for her to vent to, but I don't recommend getting involved in her relationship and family matters. I recommend also not getting so involved emotionally in other peoples' problems, especially with a situation you should not set into.

    Sinful, I am not sure about Colleges in the US, but just by going to college internationally you are spending about 20K extra (sometimes PER YEAR) for the same course. I recommend staying in your state unless you get a scholarship or sponsorship to go over to Canada, or if you get accepted into an amazing school which guarantees you like a great paying job upon graduation.
    (I know some friends who took my college degree course and they were paying about 26 grand a year while I paid 7-8 not including books, supplies, etc.)
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