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    Originally Posted by Juxapose View Post
    Can someone explain what a "swarm" is?
    Swarms are Pokemon that are usually rare or even not available for that region that appears suddenly with swarms of that Pokemon on a certain location.


    DPt - Professor Rowan's assistant Dawn/Lucas's sister will tell you the swarms of the day,
    including Snubull, Smoochum etc...

    HgSs - Prof. Oak's channel broadcasts the swarms of the day, including Luvdisc, Swablu,
    Chansey etc...

    BW/BW2 - Bulletin Board from across the Unova region Gates annouces the swarms like
    Volbeat, Minun, Hippowdon etc...

    RSE - TV broadcasts the swarms like Lotad, Skitty etc...

    Most games requires the player to complete the main story game to activate this feature.