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Lerion nodded when the other guy who he was beginning to think was part of some sort of love triangle told him not to strain himself, he of course did but he felt he should, considering all he had done with Divine was make things worse. He couldn't hide the relief that coursed through him when Milly assured him she was ok and slipped her hand out of his, as some of the tension eased out of his muscles he redoubled his efforts to move the stretcher and was able to concentrate his TK as well. They began to make much better progress towards the main building and Lerion agreed with the other man. "Yeah, Chris is gonna be fine between the 3 of us, we've got this!"

He felt a certain sense of victory when he saw Milly and another student holding the doors open and they made their way inside, but he lost a bit of steam when he noticed he still smelled blood even though Chris' had slowed down in his state and the other guy wasn't bleeding all that much to begin with. He saw blood on the side of Milly's face and his ears folded sideways in shame. She's worse than I thought...I shouldn't have said anything about my issues...I'm such a coward. Nonetheless after finally getting inside they made it to the infirmary pretty quickly and Lerion set down his side of the stretcher in perfect synch with the other guy, who had a little conversation with the nurse while she put Chris on a cot and began to administer to her. Sorae finally spoke his name before going out to get drinks.

Finally being able to relax Lerion slumped back against a wall on a different side of the room from Milly and begain to rub his temple in circular motions. His migraine was in full force by then so despite the fact that he wasn't under physical stress anymore his veins remained at attention and his face was quite red. "Well that's over least I managed to not be a complete burden today...thanks man" He added the last part when Sorae handed him a Dr. Pepper, he didn't open it right away since soda didn't seem like a good idea for a headache and continued rubbing his forehead until pain shot through his ribs and he straightened his back to take weight off his chest. He decided he needed to relax and searched through his backpack for a moment to find his flute and once he had it he began to play. It wasn't a particular song, just a lilting melody that reminded him of the background music that danced through his old home brought to mind an image of sunlight filtering green through the trees.

After a few minutes of sitting and not joining in on whatever conversation Sorae and Milly may have decided to have Lerion stood up. "I should probably leave you guys to wait for Chris to wake up...I'm glad I could help. It was nice meeting you." And made his way towards the door.

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