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    Milly Kaiko

    Milly watched as Volt and Lerion carried Chris’ limp body in and placed it down. The poor student she had roped into helping said his goodbye with an awkward smile, a wave and a brief “Hope your head gets better” before he rushed off with a single backward glance as he darted round a corner.
    It was when she turned back that her face was met with a cool washcloth against her cheek as it wiped off the blood with few smooth motions by Volt. Behind him the nurse busied herself around Chris, barely even sparing a glance at the other students as she worked and though Milly knew that the nurse’s intensity meant Chris was in a bad state, she knew he’d be fine and allowed herself to relax a little.

    "It's not so serious, so just hold the washcloth on where the blood is coming out until the nurse treats you. Ciao." Volt’s voice came and went, as he pressed the cloth into her hands and walked away just as suddenly as he had appeared and with wide, surprised eyes Milly watched his back retreat down the corridor.

    “Thank y..” Milly began but trailed off as soon as she realised her thanks were too quiet for Volt to hear. Again a familiar tug pulled at her heart but she ignored it, putting it down to a mixture of nerves, the smell of blood and the now throbbing pain which pulsed through her head. She had been so focused on the guys that she had managed to ignore it up till now, but as she began to relax she opened herself up to her own body’s complaints. Using the wall to support her trip, Milly sought out a free chair and sat down, pressing the cool cloth to her head sulkily, as she waited to be seen, all the while staring at her lap…

    Wait where are my clothes? The thought came suddenly, making her heart leap into her throat within an instant as the horrid realisation that she was still in her swimming stuff sank in. Feeling self-conscious and embarrassed, Milly resisted the urge to curl up and sent a worried glance over to Lerion, giving him an apologetic smile. She didn’t want to guess what he thinking about her.

    But as this thought drifted by, Milly was forced to stop when can of Dr. Pepper was handed to her by Volt before he retreated to the doors of the office where he settled against a wall. Lerion being handed one too, seemed to study it for awhile quietly.

    Milly grinned her thanks to Volt and studied the drink with giggle before pulling back the ring.

    “What’s the worst that can happen?” She said mostly to herself, but shot a glance from Chris to Lerion and finally Volt, as she raised the can to her lips. “I’ll drink to that.” But just as she spoke, Lerion spoke, excusing himself as he stood and moved towards the door.

    "Hey, you sure you want to go? When Chris wakes up he'll want to say thanks." Milly began, her head following Lerion's form as he walked. "Plus I want to say thanks to. Don't think I would have made it far without your help." She smiled and nodded to him, hoping he would stay. He was a nice guy and after giving him probably the worst first day in existence, she felt like she owed him one.

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