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Dero, I've told you this before but I am such a huge fan of your work. It's remarkable in every single way and I strive to be as good as you one day. Like Alexial said, your diversity in style is what makes you such a special artist. You're work is inspiring to me and I hope I can be as good as you one day. I'm not going to CnC any work at the moment because I'm a bit tired for that right now but I will say that I'm in love with the way you do your colour manipulation. A lot of times I see that sexy "exclusion" look that I've grown to like especially after seeing your work. And I'm liking all this one piece art, especially since one piece has grown to be one of my favourite anime of all time. <333

anyway dero, I hope you keep posting more of your work here. You're like Hawk Eyes while I'm Zoro in the first season ;__;
Also, rotated and resized it for you:
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