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    Christian Davidson

    Flying around Chris' body like a frenzied bumblebee, the nurse seemed to be a blur of motion. She first hooked up the tubes and electronics nescessary for his body to keep working, despite the fact that it was close to shutting down. She kept working on him, hooking up another tube into his arm, this one connected to a blood bag. Luckily, they had extra bags on hand for the vampires on campus. Even more fortunately, this one went untouched, so was perfect for use. Soon the nurse cut away his shirt, revealing the punctures and gashes across his body from the battle. She sat down with a needle and a special thread used for stitches that'd dissolve in a few days. She set to work, cleaning, disinfecting, and sewing the deeper wounds in the neko kid's body. Soon after, doing all she could do, the nurse turned to address her other patients.

    Whether it was a few minutes, hours, or days...Chris wasn't sure. The furious pounding in his head felt like a migraine at first, but was revealed to be the pounding of his heart as it worked harder to pump more blood to his body. His entire body felt like lead, cold and partially numb. It almost felt like he wasn't in his body at he was detached. Finally willing himself, he slowly opened his eyes. He quickly shut them, however, as the light was too bright for him at the moment. His breathing was labored, but at least he was breathing...always a good sign. He couldn't move his head at all still, so he tried speaking. No words came out yet, but a small groan escaped his partially-agape mouth. He wondered where he was and where his friends were, especially Milly.

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