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Ruby Ground Monotype, Update #2

-Arrived in Slateport City.
-Battled all the trainers on Route 109 and the Seashore House.
-Found Dock in one of the houses at Slateport.
-Confronted Team Magma at the Slateport Museum and found Maxie, then gave the Devon Goods to Captain Stern.
-Battled the trainers on Route 111, Route 103 and the Trick House.
-Battled Brendan. Numel was an easy kill, but first time his Grovyle swept me. Even after -1 he was still faster than my entire team and he kept gaining health with Absorb. Then on the second try, I got him to -4 Accuracy before he killed Finley, but as soon as Nincada came out he didn't miss once, then I lost again. I beat him on the third try, but only because Jigs survived Absorb with 1 HP and then killed him with a critical hit Rock Throw, then I Revived Finley when he brought out Wailmer.
-Arrived in Mauville City.
-Got the Acro Bike from Rydel.
-Battled the trainers on Cycling Road.
-Beat Wally, allowing me to enter the Gym. Finley soloed all the trainers there.
-Challenged the Gym Leader, Wattson!

Mauville Gym overview:
Team entering the fight: Finley LV22 / Persim Berry - Tackle, Mud Shot, Mud-Slap, Water Gun
Looker LV20 - Leech Life, Fury Swipes, Sand-Attack, Scratch
Jigs LV21 / Exp. Share - Magnitude, Tackle, Rock Throw, Selfdestruct

He starts off with Magnemite while I open with Finley. He misses with Supersonic while I kill him in one hit with Mud Shot.
Next up is Voltorb. He uses Rollout for 1 HP damage while I kill him in one hit with Mud Shot. Me: 64/65 HP. Jigs grows to Level 22 after that.
Lastly is Magneton. He uses SonicBoom, but I hit with Mud Shot and kill him in one hit. Finley grows to Level 23 after that.

-Got HM06 for Rock Smash.
-Beat all the trainers on Route 117 and arrived in Verdanturf Town.
-Met with Wally at his house.
-Cleared the path in Rusturf Tunnel and got HM04 for Strength.
-Went north to Route 111. I hate trainers with Grass-types ruining my day V_V
-Caught a Numel on Route 112 named Caldera.
-Beat all the trainers on Route 114 and arrived in Fallarbor Town.
-Went through Route 115 to Meteor Falls, where we discovered Team Magma wanting to use the Meteorite at Mt. Chimney. Met with Team Aqua there.
-Beat the trainers on Route 116.
-Went up Mt. Chimney and confronted Team Magma. There, we found their leader, Maxie!

Maxie overview:
Team entering the fight: Jigs LV26 - Tackle, Rock Throw, Magnitude, Selfdestruct
Caldera LV26 - Ember, Magnitude, Growl, Tackle
Finley LV27 - Mud Shot, Tackle, Mud-Slap, Water Gun
Looker LV20 - Leech Life, Fury Swiped, Sand-Attack, Scratch

He starts off with Mightyena while I begin with Jigs, and he gets off Intimidate. He uses Bite, while I use Magnitude, but even with an 8 it does less than half. Him: 55% or so HP, Me: 46/67 HP. He uses Bite again, and I flinch. Me: 23/67 HP. I bring in Looker and survive a Bite while I heal up Jigs with a Super Potion as he kills me with another Bite. I bring in Jigs, he uses Bite and I flinch again. Me: 44/67 HP. He uses Bite again, but I get another Magnitude 8 and kill him. Jigs grows to Level 27 after that. Me: 22/69 HP.
Next up is Camerupt. I use Magnitude, which gets another 8, AND a critical hit, which kills him in one hit.
Finally is Golbat. He uses Bite, but my Rock Throw comes short of killing him. Him: 10% or so HP, Me: 8/69 HP. He uses a Super Potion as I switch out to Finley. Him: 90% or so HP. He uses Wing Attack while I hit with Water Gun. Him: 2/3 or so HP, Me: 61/78 HP. Same thing next turn. Him: 45% or so HP, Me: 42/78 HP. And next turn. Him: 10% or so HP, Me: 24/78 HP. However, he uses another Super Potion while I hit him again. Him: 1/2 or so HP. I use a Super Potion too before he hits me again. Me: 56/78 HP. He uses Supersonic, but I hit through confusion and use Water Gun. Him: 1/4 or so HP. I send in Caldera, who takes a big hit from Wing Attack (I was speeding up so I didn't catch how much), and another Wing Attack leaves me with 1 HP, but Ember burns him, and he faints, ending the battle.

-Got the Meteorite from the machine.
-Went down the Jagged Pass and arrived in Lavaridge Town.
-Beat all the trainers at the Jagged Pass and got my three main guys to Level 28.
-Went through the Lavaridge Gym, battling as few of the trainers as possible, and reached the Gym Leader, Flannery.

Lavaridge Gym overview:
Team entering the fight: Finley LV28 - Mud Shot, Tackle, Mud-Slap, Water Gun
Jigs LV28 - Tackle, Rock Throw, Magnitude, Selfdestruct
Caldera LV28 - Ember, Magnitude, Growl, Tackle
Looker LV20 - Leech Life, Fury Swiped, Sand-Attack, Scratch

She starts off with Slugma while I open with Finley. I use Water Gun, but she lives and poisons me with Smog. Her: 30% or so HP, Me: 70/81 HP and poisoned. I kill her with another Water Gun. Me: 60/81 HP and poisoned.
Her next Slugma dies in one hit to Mud Shot. Me: 50/81 HP and poisoned.
Lastly is Torkoal. I start off with a Mud-Slap to lower her accuracy, but she uses Body Slam. Her: 85% or so HP and -1 Accuracy, Me: 12/81 HP. I use it again and she kills me with another Body Slam. Her: 65% or so HP, -2 Accuracy. I send in Jigs, and Magnitude 7 or so almost kills her, but she uses Body Slam. Her: 10% or so HP, Me: 63/72 HP. She uses her Hyper Potion and I get Magnitude 7, which does less than half. Her: 55% or so HP. I use Magnitude and get 4, which knocks her below half, and she uses Body Slam again. Her: 45% or so HP, Me: 52/72 HP. I use Magnitude, which gets 5 and leaves her with 1 HP, and she uses Body Slam, which paralyzes me. Her: 1 HP, Me: 42/72 HP and paralyzed. I decide, screw it. She uses her Hyper Potion, and I use Selfdestruct, which kills her and ends the battle.

-Got the Go-Goggles from Brendan.

Here's my team:

Marshtomp (M) "Finley", Level 28
Nature: Serious
Moves: Mud-Slap, Mud Shot, Tackle, Water Gun

Nincada (M) "Looker", Level 20
Nature: Hardy
Moves: Fury Swipes, Leech Life, Sand-Attack, Scratch

Graveler (F) "Jigs", Level 28
Nature: Hasty
Ability: Sturdy
Moves: Defense Curl, Mud Sport, Rock Throw, Tackle

Numel (M) "Caldera", Level 28
Nature: Quirky
Moves: Ember, Growl, Magnitude, Tackle

Zigzagoon (M) "Derp", Level 3
HM slave, with Cut
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