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Lerion stopped at the doorway and stood still for a moment...he felt like he had done his part and didn't belong there anymore...but the tone of Milly's voice almost made him feel that he was. He turned around and was about to walk back to the wall but as he took in the rest of the room he finally noticed just how many people were in the infirmary, he didn't want to crowd the wounded. And he noticed that somebody had died, he didn't know him but the scent that was mostly of a wolf made it clear what he was and Lerion felt it would be respectful to leave everyone there to heal and to possibly mourn the loss of the boy.

He looked at Milly and decided she'd be alright, she had Sorae and Chris. "Nah, it's full enough in here guys just get better, if there's anything else I can help with I'll be in what's left of the forest, for what it's worth I'm glad I met you guys." Then he made his exit, not even realize he hadn't picked his soda back up after his migraine had softened to just a regular headache. I'm glad she's already got friends...she's nice but I just...I can't-guh! The memory of the day he had left began to creep to the forefront of his mind and his eyes widened considerably before he shook his head hard in an attempt to banish the thoughts. It is a good thing she has friends, because she'll just have to do without me...I'm too weak.

Lerion quickly made his way to a mostly still healthy section of the forest, but it didn't relax him like it usually would, all he could smell was fire and violence...actually come to think of it he smelled a very suspicious scent. Another Lycan...I think...too long gone to know what gender but...doesn't smell of the school like the rest of them have so far...hmm. After walking around for a while he came into a small clearing that reminded very much of the spot he used to visit in his own even had a large stump in the middle, it brought him happy memories of his time in the forest instead of the one he usually thought of.

He ambled over to the stump and took a seat, lifted the flute to his mouth and played the same melody he had earlier in the infirmary, he kept it going for quite a while in an attempt to pass time. He felt bad for leaving, he wanted to talk more with Milly and Sorae, and Chris once he woke up but he didn't feel right in that small room with all those other people, especially girls.

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