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    Milly Kaiko
    Milly watched silently as Lerion walked out of the office, before shooting Volt a questioning glance. She knew that he wouldn’t stick around, he had gone so far as to tell her himself, yet despite this, Milly couldn’t help but feel a little rejected as well as sorry for the guy. He seemed so lonely, boarding on tormented.

    Wrinkling her nose as she thought, she gave a small huff of defeat and flopped back into her chair, she wouldn’t chase after Lerion just yet. Chris was still in a pretty bad state and Volt, well he just seemed to be a little off which meant she would hang back for now and make sure they were ok, figuring Lerion was a big boy and could handle himself for a little while. Regardless though her mind schemed over ways to make Lerion feel more comfortable around her, after all, it would be cruel to deprive him of Sorae and Chris’ friendship just because she hung out with them, though truly she had no idea how deep Lerion’s phobia ran.

    “How not to come across as a girl?” she questioned as she sat there, her fingers tracing a slowly trickling bead of water down the can she held. Beast forming it would most certainly get the desired effect of removing all femininity to the human eye, so maybe that was the answer?

    Just then a quiet moan sounded and Milly stood, puting her can down. Looking over to the office doors, she called Volt, waving to him with her free hand before she moved towards the bed. For the first time she surveyed Chris as he lay there, tubes feeding into his body as they pumped in blood and a number of bandages covered his chest. He looked so weak and fragile which caught Milly off by surprise. For a big guy like Chris she had never really thought he could look like this, all battered and broken.

    “Chris?” Milly asked gently. “ It’s me, Milly… Erm.. How you doing?” A mute question again but her head was rather low conversational topics right now, as she came to a stop by the bed. “Volt is here too. They carried you in here on a stretcher. Lerion and Volt I mean.” She stumbled over sentences like they were rocks as she tried to grasp hold of anything to say that wouldn’t make her seem like an idiot, while at the same time, she tried to avoid the topic of his confession. Though she had read those type of scenes a thousand times in her books and a thousand more when watching films, she had never really thought she would be in a situation like this. Guys had always been friends, nothing more, but then she had met Sorae, Kieran and Chris. If it were any other girl Milly presumed they would be thrilled, yet she could only muster up a shy confusion.

    No, it’s best to let that lie right now, She thought as she looked over Chris and finally over to Volt. She wasn’t ready to deal with this, not now anyway. For the time being she would focus her energy into making sure her friends well again and then she would go seek out Lerion and see if her plan would work. She wanted to be friends with him and she knew Chris and Volt would rise to the occasion too, she had to wait a little while.

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