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    Originally Posted by Gyardosamped View Post

    (it's the 20th in his timezone)

    That’s right! PC’s own vaporeon7 turns three today! Aaron, you hold a special place in my heart. You are sincerely the most kindest, precious and caring person I’ve ever had the opportunity of meeting. Having you in my life for these past few months has been a blessing, because your vivacious personality always brightens my day! Before this turns into a thread about why I love you so much, I just wanted to say that your membership here at PokéCommunity has been appreciated and valued immensely by many over these past three years. Whether it be the brilliant input you provide with your posts and topics, or your funny outbursts on the Showdown server, I’m sure the vast majority here have enjoyed their dose of the ever-so-special vaporeon7!

    Here’s to many more years at PC and, of course, to the inseparable bond we hold with one another! Happy PCversary! ♥

    Of course, this topic would not be complete without your other favorite person ever.

    You're so funny xD

    Congratulations! Cheers to many more years! :D
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