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Last time I updated my platinum ultimate water monotype...


Bibarel l21
Prinplup l22
Shellos l23
Tails l24 (Buizel)
Psyduck l21
Magikarp l7

I've been playing a lot lately, but haven't bothered to update.
I have 5 badges now. I thought the Ghost Gym was easy peasy. So was the fighting one, although that was a little harder. The water badge was the toughest of the three, but still not hard.
Been planting berries, training my pokés, exploring, digging, doing contests (this is acutally the first playthrough on Platinum xD)

My pokémon right now are:
Gyarados L28
Vaporeon L29
Gastrodon L33
Prinplup L32 (might ditch him, ugh, worst water starter ever)
Tails L28 (Floatzel)
Golduck L33 (might ditch him too for some other water poké with Psychic moves)

Badges: 5/8
3DS FC: 1032-2650-8413
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