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Allora vs. Chaos
Round 2

The darkness instantly vanished, and Allora found firm ground beneath her feet. Large buildings and houses materialized before her, and she knew she was entering another memory. Pokemon began appearing too, or at least, apparitions of Pokemon. When it finally finished materializing, Allora instantly recognized the place as Gold City, pre-war. The place was bustling with activity, Pokemon of all shapes and sizes talking, laughing, trading, and generally enjoying their day. It was a sight that the Ninetales had not seen in a long time. However, she noticed that some of the buildings in sight, at least from what she remembered, had been demolished prior to the war. This meant that this memory must have been very early in Paladin's life, since those buildings had been demolished at least 30 years ago. Her suspicions were confirmed when she gazed into a nearby alleyway, and saw a young Golett talking with a Luxray. She instantly recognized the Golett as a young Paladin, but she didn't know the Luxray. However, she noticed a Gold Tribe emblem on his shoulder. Could this be the moment Paladin gets recruited into the Gold Tribe? Allora thought, as she watched the two Pokemon walk off down the alleyway, Paladin apparently confused.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" The evil voice sounded from behind her. Allora spun around in surprise, to find... something. What had once been a shadowy Golurk was now deformed and just... wrong. The deformed thing had six arms, three on each side, a chest that was cracked wide open, and large, round glaring eyes that glowed red. It had no legs, and in their place, wisps of dark smoke lashed around, apparently keeping the thing afloat.

"From what I can tell, this is a turning point in his life," Chaos continued, never taking its eyes off of Allora. She could practically feel its stare burning into her body lake lasers. "Let's change that, shall we?"

Then, a rewind. The creature held up one of its arms, and suddenly time began rewinding in the memory. Only Chaos and Allora were unaffected. When it started moving normally again, they were at the point where the Luxray had just began approaching Paladin. Then, suddenly, Chaos held up another arm, and from it, the monster shot a dark orb, which hit the Luxray and disintegrated him instantly. Paladin didn't even seem to notice.

"What the hell did you do?!" Allora shouted at Chaos.

"Simply edited around his memory a bit," Chaos replied.

Allora realized that it was this sort of tampering that the monster had been doing that was blotting out Paladin's earlier memories. This was no amnesia, it was simply Chaos residing within him, slowly taking him over.

"You are right, Allora," Chaos said, probably reading her mind, "and as I continue to take him over, more and more of his precious memories will disappear. They may have been reappearing before, but that was only something I allowed the poor bastard. To mess with him, you know?"

Allora suddenly became infuriated. She quickly launched a Heat Wave, which bounced right off the monster. "Playing rough already, eh? But I wasn't finished with my monologue yet," it snickered. Allora lunged at it, grabbing at its back, and climbing on top of it while it did nothing to stop her. Once again, she attempted to use Confuse Ray, but the attack had no effect. She had no idea what to do at that moment.

Suddenly, she felt s jolt of pain in her right side. Chaos had hit her with one of its massive arms. The impact had sent her flying a few feet away from it, and, to her surprise, found that the impact had left several bruises and cuts on her side. That was impossible though, because this form was only a manifestation of brain power. Unless...

"Yes, now you're getting it," Chaos rasped, floating closer to her. "I'm damaging your mind. I think, if I hit it in the right place, you might become retarded!" And then it laughed. A maniacal laugh that sounded distorted and garbled.

Allora said nothing. She simply got up backed away from the approaching monster, trying desperately to formulate a plan. If Chaos was ten times stronger than before, then nothing she could physically do would affect it.

Wait, she thought, the buildings!

If she was right, then the buildings here in Gold City that were currently demolished in present time would be crumbling in the memory. Therefore, it should be relatively easy to topple one. She just needed to get Chaos underneath one. There was one just a few blocks away from here, she remembered, that was already crumbling. So she ran, hoping Chaos would follow. Indeed he did, but he began picking up speed. Quickly. She doubted she could outrun it, so she began launching Heat Waves behind her to obscure its vision. It worked, as Chaos began slowing down ever so slightly. She continued to run, trying to blot out the pain from the previous attack, until finally, she saw the building.

It was an old, decrepit thing about four stories high that had no more inhabitants living in it. She quickly found a weak spot in its structure in the left and right sides of the front wall. Perfect. She launched a pair of Energy Balls at each weak point, which quickly caused the building to start falling forward, since it had no more support from the front walls. Still running in its direction, she allowed Chaos to be directly underneath it before jumping out of the way. Chaos followed quick her, all its attention fixed on her, so it did not see the massive building falling on top of it. Allora watched as its wicked form was overtaken by the falling debris, burying it under mounds of stone and concrete.

If only that was the end. Just when Allora thought she had finished Chaos off, it reemerged from the rubble, eyes red as ever and six arms balled into fists. In an instant, the thing was over her and launching Shadow Punches at her. She was only able to dodge a few, the rest of the punches swinging her around like she was nothing. Then, from the gaping hole in its chest, it launched what appeared to be some kind of dark Flamethrower. Although it should not have done any damage to a Fire type like her, it scorched her metaphysical form's white fur and left burns on her skin. Bruises, burns, and cuts everywhere, she felt like her mind was about to give out. To her surprise, though, it did not. She was unable to say anything at all, but it felt like something was keeping her here. Keeping her mind from giving out.

Paladin? She thought.

"No, me!" Came the reply from Chaos, followed by that maniacal laugh. "I'm keeping you here, idiot. I need you to see something."

And with that, the memory dissipated. There was only blackness, and in it resided Allora and the deformed Chaos.

"Watch this..."