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no need for the lucario evolution already planned that hehehe as that evolution is part of the story which might i add is still in progress honestly i shouldve made the prequel first but meh to lazy atm... (Plan to make that one eventually)

Hes a lil summary of what im thinking of going as im still working and trashing ideas for the story so far etc

You are a boy(hopeing to use boy only) that has no memories of your father but you had heard he died in a war and hasnt been seen since your goal is to find out everything you can about your past that you cant recall, about your father, and about the power sleeping within you(i trashed the winged beings idea) so you decide to take this journey with your lil sister Anna (your main rival but there are 7 others xD!) (now some info on the prequel) Your father in actuality was the Hero known about in Legend for now hes named Kazu he fought against a man which i cant say as it will ruin the whole series this man had total control of 2 super powerful evil god pokemon (havent made em or named em yet) in the end he couldnt stop these pokemon so he had no choice but to seal them away and in doing so he sealed himself away and since those pokemon keep the balance of the Infinity Continent its was torn asunder as the middle of it rose to the sky and 3 other parts slowly broke away and drifted as such an organization now threatens to destroy the world its called Team Infinity this very hero's own team (he is sealed away now) their goal is to obtain this hero's power to awaken these 2 gods once more to stop these outragous acts the Hero's brother and sister have begun to move and they formed another organization to thwart team infinities plans (unnamed atm) they each lead one part of 2 factions within this group (and thats all i got atm if i say anything more the story will b screwed etc)

hes the idea i had for the lucario evo

Winged Lucario (not sure on the name yet)

Stats will b just a lil bit stronger then lucario's Physical atk oriented btw
abilities will be
Huge Power

his type im thinking of keeping Fighting/Steel
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