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    FireRed Ground Mono Update:

    I'm still grinding up my team. After looking over my team's movepool and what TM's I have, I went ahead and gave some of them some better sets so they're more versatile in battle. I've grinded quite a bit. Tried going up against the E4 a couple of times knowing I wouldn't completely get through them but I figured my Pokemon could use some better experience. I managed to get as far as Agatha and that's where I realized my movepool may need more work. I will continue to train up.

    My team is looking much better!
    Rain/Nidoqueen|Lv. 56
    Suna/Sandshrew|Lv. 57
    Mr. Nido/Nidoking|Lv. 59
    Hokura/Dugtrio|Lv. 57
    Alleine/Marowak|Lv. 56
    Rocky/Rhydon|Lv. 57

    I'm going to go ahead and get started on my Emerald run. I'm getting a bit bored and burnt out with grinding. I'm skipping over HeartGold for now since I'm already playing SoulSilver in my First-Badge Challenge at the moment and I don't want to get too overloaded with Johto-ness.

    Picking Mudkip as my starter.
    Ultimate Grass Monotype

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