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    Felix Teufel
    Maverick Manor


    So Raymond would ensure Felix was assigned to the security at the door to the inner ground floor. The Accelgor had deep connections, perhaps too deep to uproot if Felix had been under different circumstances and looking to topple the crime lord. The Blaziken was silent; he didn't see much need to speak. One claw had come up to rub his beak as he listened to the plan and to the others' suggestions.

    If anything about this plan bothered Felix in particular, it was that he wouldn't know which Enforcers would be on site at the time of the heist. He had worked with plenty of other Pokemon whom he could not be friends with, or would not, but there were a few who were, like Evander. If the Machoke were there... No turning back. I don't have to like it, though.

    Next to him, Dominic muttered something to himself that Felix didn't quite hear. Nail...whats? Then Felix remembered that Tweet was speaking of how he should make his exit and perked slightly, beak opening to speak. Sir Raymond beat him to the punch, stating that he wanted Felix to remain within the Enforcers. The Blaziken anticipated some trouble in convincing others that he'd been put out of commission, but hey, it wasn't like he could up and disappear or anything.

    Seven days...time enough to figure out my act, yes?


    "Delete this message thereafter. Pay attention, you may have received a box, wherever you live - or be about to. This box contains a device. Take it with you. Use it for ranged communication. It is essential we maintain radio contact at all times during the mission. You know what you have to do. For a better future."

    Clicking 'Delete', Felix watched as the voice message disappeared from his computer screen. It was higher quality than the more common computers, but despite all the Teufels' work, they never did upgrade to computers that were even better or more advanced. Maybe Father thought it would be assuming of them to do so. Either that, or simply because he saw it as an unnecessary luxury. So long as they had updated, working computers, and all that jazz.

    Heh. They would flip if they found me out. The thought brought a grin to Felix's face as he stood up and stepped away, eyes glancing over his immaculate bedroom. Habit had carried over from his childhood, when leaving his bedroom untidy brought him punishment, and from military training. Everything was in its place, though Felix didn't consider himself the type to freak if anything was misplaced. Picking up the device that he'd received in the box that came a few hours before, Felix fit the earpiece into one of his ears. His watch and thigh-holster were on, as always. Next came his pistol; the ballistic vest, his standard Enforcer uniform; and the duty belt. The Blaziken reached for the scabbard that hung on one wall before pausing then shaking his head.

    Sieghard looked up as Felix walked past the kitchen. "What, haven't left yet?" the elder Blaziken joked as he reached for the pantry's door. It was just Felix and the middle brother who lived in the apartment, a couple streets away from the Enforcers HQ. "And without your shotgun? You usually take it with to the bank." Not that it was absolutely necessary to take it.

    "No, I vanted to see your reaction first," Felix retorted, grabbing whatever food was on the counter without looking beyond the fact that it was ready to go. He was already halfway out the front door when he heard Sieghard's cry of surprise. "Turn zat flashlight off, vould you?" Felix quipped before shutting the door behind him. Nothing but a very short nuisance, but there hadn't been time to set up something more.


    It didn't take long, about a half-hour, for Felix to walk into the National Bank. After signing in, the Blaziken found himself stationed near the door to the inner ground floor. Just as Sir Raymond had said. Hands clasped behind his back, Felix looked to one side of the door and gave the Machoke standing there a nod of acknowledgement. Oh, Evander, why'd you have to be here now of all times?
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