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Update 2 Climbing radio tower to take down Rockets for good
Chuck was easy enough with butterfree/venonat
Jasmine was considerably tougher and it came down to her missing iron tail twice and pinsir spamming seismic toss
pryce was considerably easier thanks to pinsir being OP

Current Team
Sasuke (Scizor) LV 30 Metal Claw/Quick Attack/Strength/Leer
Fluttershy (butterfree) 31 Confusion/Sleep Powder/Gust/Supersonic
Trixie (Venomoth) 31 Confusion/Stun Spore/Gust/Supersonic
Dickpinch (pinsir) 30 Strength/Vicegrip/Seismic Toss/Leer
Peter (Ariados) 30 Leech Life/Poison Sting/Night Shadw/Constrict
Tyson (ledian) 30 Comet Punch/Headbutt/Ice Punch/Fire Punch