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Time for an update on my Solo run!
-Named myself Emburn
-Picked Charzy the Modest Female Charmander
-Scratched Gary's Squirtle to death
-Gave Prof. Maple his Parcel
-Beat up Pidgey's and Rattata's for their lunch money.
-Left Gary's team burnt.
-Caused a forest fire in Viridian Forest.
-Clawed the crap out of Brock and evolved Charzy on his minions.
-Sped through Mt. Moon.
-More fire on Gary's team.
-Taught Bill how to be a scientist.
-Went back and Mega Kicked Misty out of her club, I mean gym.
-Boarded the S.S. Anne and threw flame at Gary's pokemon.
-Taught Charmeleon cut...
-Evolved him in Rock Tunnel..