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    Well I'm gonna post my opinion of abortion, how I feel about it and how it could affect my life.

    First of all I dislike the idea of aborting a life, even if it's considered "for the better." Put aside religious beliefs and that of it like that baby inside of a woman COULD be a child, it has the chance to be alive and have a future, regardless of whether or not you wish to be a parent of that child or whether or not it is biologically yours in the first place. You're playing God by choosing whether it lives or dies.
    Do we have the right to make that decision ?
    I don't feel I have the right to make that decision.
    Personally if I have protective sex, I should know that the chance of a child coming from it could be a small percentage, but it is there. I should be responsible and know that if I get a woman pregnant, then I should take care of my child and support the upbringing of it. Regardless of my situation, I should do what's best for my children.

    Do the majority of young people have that sort of attitude or think about that when they have sex for the first time ?

    What if I get a woman pregnant and she wants to abort the baby ? Do I have the right as a father to stop that abortion or does she get the say because it's growing inside of her ?

    There are so many contraceptive methods out there such as the pill, condoms, injections and implants which can help men and women from making a child. It's not difficult to wear a condom or take the pill. Even sterilization operations can prevent children being made all together.

    I never want to experience an abortion with a girlfriend/partner.
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