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    accepted! as that will be extremly helpful to us also im really gonna b needing Fakemon ideas as i can see according to the poll per say this hack is in the beginning stages as we have only been creating the storyline, spriting, attempting to create the pokedex, and creating the important trainers info etc

    Ok by character profiling im guessing your meaning like background info about so and so character correct? Also with the storyline that would be very helpful as im jumping from one idea to another its kinda getting mushed together etc...

    Lastly i need the Fakemon Spriters to all pm me as i will need them to get to work on some soon etc

    Originally Posted by Insignificant Candlewax View Post
    Nickname: Musharna
    What I can do: Basic Mapping, NPC Text, creating a very modern type story, Character profiling as well as Fakemon ideas.
    What I'll apply for: Storylining, NPC Text and Fakemon Ideas.
    Proof of work:

    #dyn 0x740000
    #org @main
    message @talk
    callstd MSG_YESNO
    compare LASTRESULT YES
    if == jump @yes
    jump @no

    #org @yes
    message @speakyes
    callstd MSG_NORMAL

    #org @no
    message @speakno
    callstd MSG_YESNO
    compare LASTRESULT YES
    if == jump @chooseno
    jump @chooseyes

    #org @chooseno
    message @speakyes
    callstd MSG_NORMAL

    #org @chooseyes
    message @confused
    callstd MSG_NORMAL

    #org @talk
    = Should I buy Absinthe!?

    #org @speakyes
    = Good choice ol'bean!

    #org @speakno
    = Oh? Then what \nabout Pepsi?

    #org @confused
    = Hmm? I feel rather \nperplexed now...

    Basic NPC script. Basically, it's a guy asking if he should buy absinthe, if you say yes, he'll say good choice, if you say no, he'll ask about pepsi. Say yes and he'll say good choice, but say no and he'll say he's feeling rather perplexed.

    Time Zone: Abu Dhabi timezone, that's 7 and a half hours ahead of Washington DC.
    Why I want to join?: I'm part of another hack that's still in its early stages, I'm a little bored waiting for members to join. If I had 2 hacks to work on, I'd feel much busier

    Why you should accept me: NPC texts are tedious and boring. If you rush them, you get a robotic and unusual feeling whilst playing a game, it can be off putting. Having a dedicated NPC textman results in unique and varied text that can add depth to the game.
    Hacks I Support:

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