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    This would probably be the last game made by gamefreak/pokemon but it would simply be fantastic. s/g/c and hg/ss are the only games with more than one region, and they are some of the most popular games the series has to offer. All the older fans are starting to turn away from the series due to its regression in quality, but this would surely bring them back for one last hurrah. Everybody longs for the good old days when you explored kanto in r/b/y, and making one mega game would be absolutely epic.

    As for size, it may be to much for a handheld, but it could be done on the Wii U or any future nintendo console.

    The leveling curve wouldnt be as bad as people think, because it takes ages to level all the way to 100, and they could make it more experience to level up.

    There should probably be only one E4+Champion, but going through all the gyms would be sweet. There could also be one huge safari zone, but they could add in some of the more popular sideshows like from other games like the game corner, pokeathalon, battle frontier, etc...

    A boat, plane, or train could take you from region to region, and all the

    villainous groups could unite under team rocket's banner, with the final battle being vs. Giovanni. Also, they should add in the Orange Island since that was cool too haha.

    All in all, they should definitely do this eventually because so many people want it and it would be a legendary game
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