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So, it was a close call (if only I noticed it three days before) but the old version of this game died! Since it was pretty popular before that unlucky dry period I'll just casually be bringing it back ♥

To quote myself from the last thread:
This game is pretty simple. See that person above you, yes? Well, if they were a Pokemon, which one would they be? Doesn't have to be their favorite Pokemon or anything, just whatever comes to mind.

- Let's not be rude
- At least four words per post. It's not hard, just give a reason as to why they would be that Pokemon, mmkay?

Now, may I ask, what Pokemon would I be?
I only have one thing to add and that is the difference between this game and this game. This one (the thread you are currently in) is what the person above you would be. Like if this was Mystery Dungeon which Pokemon would they turn into. The other thread (the one I linked) is what Pokemon would be their partner. Think of it as what they're first Pokemon would be or something. Just keep that in mind while posting!
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