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Welcome to the club, Ashketchum24, AnonygooseD, and ErikaInRainbowCity! Ah, apologies for the quietness, folks! While there are a handful of fans here, and we can have club-related emblems... I've been busy for the most part. :( Maybe I'll need a few hands to come up with events, if you want them. Discussions are fine too!

Am I the only one here who joined for being a fan of the Anime?
I've seen all of Sonic X and an episode or two of the older series. I liked watching Sonic X as a child, but it's kind of corny sometimes. :D I guess nothing is as wonderful when watching as a child, hm?

Thoughts on Eggman? Did you like him more as good ol' Robotnik; the funny villain who can't carry out plans very well with his dumb helpers? Or did you like him more as the "redesigned" Dr. Eggman we know today; the eviler & more serious version with crazier, brutal plans?
I like him when he's not bumbling around like a buffoon. It was funny in Colors, okay in Generations, and now I'm kind of exhausted to see that behavior in Lost World. He's more villainous and threatening when he's a menace, for me, haha.

Anybody go to Sonic Boom or watch a Livestream of the event? If you can't attend events, would you like to?
I forgot all about it this year! Usually, I check fansites like TSSZ or Sonic Stadium to keep myself updated with Lost World. I'd love to attend events - I've played Generations well before it became available as a demo. That wasn't a Sonic-related event, though. I need a reason to wear my Sonic hat again. :P

Surprised that Sonic's rashness is what caused those yetis to break Eggman's control. :O It makes more sense now knowing they have to work together then.